Street Survival Series: Day One



Today’s Street Survival® Seminar addresses law enforcement as the multi-faceted profession it has become. Rather than limiting our focus to just surviving deadly threats, we also discuss the need to prepare officers for making sound, legal and reasonable decisions under stress in order to preserve the lives of citizens as well as their own.

The foundation of this program is understanding and training realistically for stress events. From driving too fast and using unwarranted amounts of force to ineffective communication and the inability to decompress off-duty, the seminar emphasizes the need to understand and manage stress as the key to professional and personal success.

Street Survival is presented in a one-day, live and interactive online format, as well as the legendary two-day seminar.

Day One consists of:

Module 1 – Stress: Decisions at the Speed of Light
The decision to use deadly force often occurs in the blink of an eye under extraordinary stress. Are you ready for that moment? Learn about the physical, psychological & emotional elements that come into play in rapidly unfolding deadly force encounters and how you can prepare to control them and enhance decision making and performance, both before, during and after the incident.

Module 6 – Emotional Survival: The 24/7 Realities of Law Enforcement
Law enforcement is laced with unique, often intense stress. To survive, you must train to navigate the emotional rollercoaster ride. This candid course explores the root causes of stress on and off duty and gives you strategies to regain control and get back on a healthy track if career stress creeps too far into your life.

Module 7 – Tactics, Law & The Dynamics of Force
This Street Survival Series block provides a unique blend of practical tactical training, including techniques for approaching people, vehicles & buildings; field interviews; suspect control; non-felony, high-risk and no-approach traffic stops & more, combined with an overview of the foundational force-related case law that impacts the legal evaluation of uses of force.

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