“Critical Questions” in Promotional Exams
Deputy Chief Cyndy Valezquez discusses the importance of prepping for a promotional exam and assessment center. She gives points on what types of topics will be addressed by assessors.
6 Tips for ALL Instructors
Chief Steve Johnson shares six tips for those in the position to instruct other law enforcement officers using visualization and repeating terminology that makes sense and is applicable..
7 Traits of an Exceptional FTO
Chief Scott Hughes points out 7 factors that underscore the importance of FTOs. He establishes the value of the FTOs and the program as setting the standard for a recruit officer's career.
Are You Prepared for the Active Threat
This podcast breaks down what officers and their superiors must do to mentally and physically prepare themselves before going into an active threat scenario - giving examples from their own time ...
Defining Success and Failure in Law Enforcement
When top brass are asked if their agency was a "success" last year, most say yes...but they can't prove it. It's an understandably difficult thing to do. What exactly IS success in law ...
Dynamics, Science & Liabilities of Force Events
Leading force investigations expert Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.), creator of the groundbreaking Use of Force Training & Analysis Unit at Henderson (NV) PD, and prominent national trainer Lt. Jim ...